Will constrain in a sentence?

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1 constrain sb. to do sth. 2 Financial factors should not constrain doctors from prescribing the best treatment for patients. 3 The police used horses to constrain the crowd from violence. 4 Poor economies abroad may constrain demand for U.S. exports.

How do you use constrain in a sentence?

Constrain in a Sentence ?
  1. Dave purchased a play pen to constrain his energetic puppy while he was at work.
  2. When Lulu learned about winning first place for her poem, she had to constrain her cry of excitement.
  3. The tight-fitting wetsuit would constrain my ability to take in a deep breaths.

How do you use the word constrain?

1 : compel sense 1, force He was constrained to retire because of ill health. 2 : to restrict or limit She felt the rules constrained her creativity.

Will be constrained?

To constrain someone or something means to limit their development or force them to behave in a particular way. We are constrained by a lack of funding.

What is the difference between constrain and constraint?

1 Answer. A constraint is a restriction on something whereas something can be constrained to be within, or to comply with, a constraint . In the text of the question the correct word of the two is constrained . Therefore, I also expect the same scene else we may be constraint to change our mind to cancel the booking.

CONSTRAINT meaning with examples in sentences

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What is a constraint for kids?

Kids Definition of constraint

1 : control that limits or restricts The committee refused to act under constraint. 2 : something that limits or restricts money constraints.

Will be constrained meaning?

Constrained contains the word strained for a reason. Mostly because anyone that's constrained is feeling a fair amount of strain because of it. In addition to referring to unnatural or uncharacteristic behavior, being constrained can also mean being held back or forced to do something you don't want to do.

What does constraint mean in math?

In mathematics, a constraint is a condition of an optimization problem that the solution must satisfy. There are several types of constraints—primarily equality constraints, inequality constraints, and integer constraints. The set of candidate solutions that satisfy all constraints is called the feasible set.

What does not constrained mean?

1 verb To constrain someone or something means to limit their development or force them to behave in a particular way.

What words often follow constrain?

Some common synonyms of constrain are coerce, compel, force, and oblige. While all these words mean "to make someone or something yield," constrain suggests the effect of a force or circumstance that limits freedom of action or choice.

How do you use the word assent in a sentence?

Assent sentence example
  1. She murmured her assent and that ended the conversation. ...
  2. Prince Bagration bowed his head in sign of assent and approval. ...
  3. Dean nodded his assent . ...
  4. The resolutions of this council were subject to popular assent .

What does it mean to scuttle?

transitive verb. 1 : to cut a hole through the bottom, deck, or side of (a ship) specifically : to sink or attempt to sink by making holes through the bottom. 2 : destroy, wreck also : scrap sense 2. scuttle.

What are your constrain?

A constraint is something that limits or controls what you can do. Their decision to abandon the trip was made because of financial constraints. Water shortages in the area will be the main constraint on development. [Also + on] Synonyms: restriction, limitation, curb, rein More Synonyms of constraint.

What is the meaning of time constraint?

Time Constraint is a term that defines various factors that limit projects in terms of time. This includes deadlines, workload management, resources allocation. Anyone that has worked on a project had to deal with certain constraints when it came to execution.

What is the opposite of constrain?

Opposite of to limit, restrict, or inhibit. lose. aid. allow. assist.

What are the two types of constraints?

There are two different types of constraints: holonomic and non-holonomic.

What are common sense constraints?

Constraints are restrictions (limitations, boundaries) that need to be placed upon variables used in equations that model real-world situations. It is possible that certain solutions which make an equation true mathematically, may not make any sense in the context of a real-world word problem.

What is constraint function?

A constraint function can be transformed into a different form that is equivalent to the original function; that is, the constraint boundary and the feasible set for the problem do not change but the form of the function changes. ... The feasible set for g1 is convex.

What part of speech is constrained?

adjective. forced, compelled, or obliged: a constrained confession.

Is Unconstrain a word?

Unconstrain meaning

To free from constraints.

What does it mean to constrain our understanding?

Constrain. Understanding. Definition. "To force by imposed stricture, restriction or limitation"

What are the 6 constraints of a project?

6 Common Project Management Constraints
  • Scope. “The scope constraint refers to not only what the project includes, but also what is excluded,” Bolick explains. ...
  • Cost. ...
  • Time. ...
  • Quality. ...
  • Customer Satisfaction. ...
  • Resources.

Why do we need constraint?

Constraints are necessary to develop respect for the views and beliefs of others. It is necessary for the creation of a society. Absence of constraint would lead to the imposition of beliefs and ideas of stronger groups eventually leading to conflict. Constraints are required to control violence and settle disputes.

Why do constraints exist?

The following is a short list of what I consider the most common reasons that constraints are created: Prevent bad data from being entered into tables of interest. Enforce business logic at the database-level. ... Enforce relational integrity between any number of tables.