Will matt hardy return to wwe?

Last Update: April 20, 2022

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After leaving WWE in March 2020, AEW star Matt Hardy recently revealed why his brother and Intercontinental Champion Jeff Hardy is still working for WWE. ... Matt Hardy made a recent appearance on Chris Van Vliet's show, where he opened up about his WWE departure and revealed why Jeff Hardy didn't leave WWE with him.

Is Matt Hardy broken back?

Since the back end of last year, Hardy has largely stuck to his 'Big Money' character, turning heel and managing Private Party, and Hardy says the decision to move away from the 'Broken' character came because of the lack of fans able to be in the shows.

Is Matt Hardy leaving AEW?

Matt Hardy is currently in AEW, and signed with the company after he left WWE, not re-signing a new contract after the old one expired.

Did Matt Hardy really get hurt at all out?

Hardy was knocked out after hitting his head on the concrete floor. Matt Hardy says the nasty bump he took in his Broken Rules Match with Sammy Guevara at AEW All Out 2020 was not the scariest one of his career.

Why did Matt Hardy stop the broken gimmick?

Matt Hardy explains why he dropped the Broken gimmick

Hardy described the gimmick as a 'very audience-friendly character' and the pandemic put the brakes on it immediately. “Broken Matt Hardy is a very audience-friendly character. It needs a crowd.

Matt & Jeff Hardy make a shocking return to WWE: WrestleMania 33 (WWE Network Exclusive)

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Why is Matt Hardy on AEW?

Matt Hardy recently revealed that he joined AEW because the company allows him to work a lighter schedule. Matt Hardy is a 29-year veteran of the professional wrestling business.

Is Matt Hardy a heel?

On the August 12 episode of Raw, Hardy turned heel by attacking Jeff during Jeff's match against Rob Van Dam, because Hardy was frustrated at not receiving a match against Van Dam for the number one contendership for the Intercontinental Championship.

Are Edge and Matt Hardy still friends?

Edge had an affair with Lita who at the time was still dating Matt Hardy. ... Talking about his friendship with The Hardy Boyz before this incident, Edge stated that they were good friends. While they did not ride together or anything like that, they were still very close.

Are Matt and Jeff Hardy really brothers?

The Hardy Boyz are an American professional wrestling tag team consisting of real-life brothers Matt and Jeff Hardy. ... In 2000, they were joined by Lita, and the trio became Team Xtreme. After splitting up as a team in 2002, the brothers reunited in 2006 and teamed up sporadically afterward.

Where is Jeff Hardy now?

He is currently signed to WWE, where he performs on the Raw brand. Hardy is best known for his multiple runs with WWE.

What is John Cena's net worth?

John Cena is worth an estimated US$60 million, taking him a long way from his days of having to compete in eating contests to get a free meal. But the WWE star hasn't just relied on wrestling to earn his fortune. Here's how the 44-year-old American entertainer built his wealth.

Why is Jeff Hardy losing?

Why is he suddenly being booked to lose to Jinder when he remains one of the most over people in the company? Well, according to WrestlingNews.co, the reason is pretty simple. Jeff is simply not someone WWE is currently focusing on, and therefore is being put on the backburner for the time being.

Is Jeff Hardy going to retire?

So no, Jeff Hardy isn't retiring.

Don't be surprised if you see him in the WWE for a little while longer.

How rich is Jeff Hardy?

Jeff Hardy Net worth is estimated to be a whooping $12 million. The Charismatic Enigma is one of the richest superstars in WWE currently and is considered valuable as well. The former World Champion's salary is speculated to be around $2 million as per his latest WWE contract.

Is Sheamus a nice guy?

Sheamus is definitely on the 'Nice List' this year.

Is Sheamus actually Irish?

Stephen Farrelly (born 28 January 1978) is an Irish professional wrestler and actor. He is currently signed to WWE, where he performs on the Raw brand under the ring name Sheamus.

Who is Sheamus from WWE dating?

WWE's Sheamus, Girlfriend Isabella Revilla Announce Engagement on Instagram. Isabella Revilla announced her engagement to WWE Superstar Sheamus on Wednesday in an Instagram post.

How much does Sheamus make in WWE?

Sheamus Salary

The four-time WWE Champion is under an annual contract of $1.5 million.

Is Sheamus getting married?

Irish WWE star Sheamus gets engaged to partner Isabella Revilla in sweet proposal at the Cliffs of Moher. IRISH wrestling star Sheamus has announced his engagement to long-term partner Isabella Revilla in the gorgeous setting of the Cliffs of Moher.